Products With A Purpose

Plastic pollutionPlastic pollution is a real problem plaguing our planet. Ecotrendz was created to help educate and help families make healthier, eco-friendly choices in their daily lives. If each of us choose to use more reusable products and less disposable plastic we can start to make a difference in this devastating epidemic. Ecotrendz was created with this in mind. Our products help people reuse and eliminate single use plastic bags, straws and cups. The materials that go into our products are either recycled, recyclable or organic and biodegradable.  

About Us

Hello, I’m Destini. A wife, mother and founder of ecotrendz.  I wanted to thank you for visiting our site. I hope you find it helpful and informative. If you should decide to make the choice to invest in an ecofriendly product and go a little greener.  Your purchase from our e-store supports our small family business and our mission to help protect this amazing planet for the next generation. If you should need to get in touch with us  you can contact us directly at